12 June 2015
DIOS Natural Mineral Water supports “The Smile of the Child”

Press Realese
S. Mentekidis SA, bottler company for DIOS Natural Mineral Water, actively supports “The Smile of the Child”, inviting consumers from June 15th to October 31st, 2015 to send via SMS the word “ΔΙΟΣ” (space) USERNAME, participating in the draw for a SMART Fortwo car.

All SMS proceeds will be donated to their entity to “The Smile of the Child” Organization in order to support its nationwide implemented actions.

Charge per SMS €2,46 (VAT included)
You can find the draw’s Terms and Condition in Greek at www.dios.gr

“The Smile of the Child” wish to express their warm gratitude towards the human resources in S. Mentekidis SA for their active and effective contribution to the Organization’s immense effort to stand by all children and families in need.

About DIOS Natural Mineral Water

DIOS Natural Mineral Water started off with the direct objective to ensure bringing a safe and healthy product on your table. Equally important, however, is considered covering some different needs, those of the people around us.

From the very beginning, S. Mentekidis SA laid the foundations for a humanistic relationship of responsibility towards society, by constructing the country’s first plant with 90% of the sites accessible and suitable for work to persons with reduced mobility.

To this day, the company actively supports and stands by the side of people with disabilities and groups needing social protection with responsibility and social awareness, proving their concern for society as a whole, as well as for the tiny “god” hidden in every soul!

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