Completing half a century in the city’s life, the Demetria Festival has become an institution in Thessaloniki, transforming the entire city for more than a month into a live construction site for creativity and culture! With the ambition to become “the festival of our future”, the symbolic title “Futureval” headlined the anniversary 50th Demetria Festival through a plethora of events that took place between September 26th – October 18th, making the city a both national and international cosmopolitan destination.

Live music concerts, theatre and performances, dance and art shows, cinema & video specials, gastronomic events, literature presentations, workshops and seminars – these were the components of a bold artistic event program that the audience embraced with excitement, filling up all event halls and venues. Through a festival sponsored by DIOS Natural Mineral Water, the people of Thessaloniki proved to be thirsty for this kind of cultural events that have the ability to make our lives more delectable!

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