In a truly “hot” summer of political developments for the country, the historic institution of the Olympus Festival managed to prove that, against the expected changes imposed by circumstances, culture can overcome the crisis, indicating its strong presence on the cultural horizon. On archaeological and byzantine cultural sites of unparallel beauty and caliber at the foot of Mount Olympus, a variety of cultural events took place from late July to the first days of September for the 44th Olympus Festival – film screenings, theatrical performances, music concerts and theme exhibitions, as well as events on exotic color and flavor, for this year’s country of honor, Morocco.

The Pieria area, through the Olympus Festival, with the joint participation of all local authorities, Church, Government, Chambers, Associations, Volunteers and Sponsors, proves that little is impossible and insurmountable, when there is a common goal desired and supported by all – amongst them, the DIOS Natural Mineral Water as an official Olympus Festival Supporter, an institution proudly now ranking among the top cultural events in the country, as well as Europe, highlighting the unique value and the invaluable wealth of our history and culture.

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