Celebrating 21 years of presence in Kastanies, Evros, the Ardas Festival took place on July 21st-26th, uniting thousands of youth from all over Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Every summer since 1995, the „Youth Meeting – Ardas“ takes place along the Greek-Turkish borderline, by the banks of the river Ardas.

The events have evolved to a cultural institution with nationwide, interbalkan and international resonance, and include activities of a wide cultural range. “Youths” of all ages, get together and camp for six days by the “cultural river”, where, led by music and various parallel actions, they send the message of peaceful coexistence among people in a weekly camp, full of live music events, celebrating intensity and freedom in the scenic beauty of the river Ardas’ surroundings. The DIOS Natural Mineral Water was once again this year’s refreshing sponsor to the hundreds of festival’s attendees.

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