While blow-molding, bottling, capping and labeling processes take place consecutively in a fully automated production line to ensure the strictest conditions of hygiene, immediate dispatch is available through the factory’s distribution network. A 32,000 bottles/hour production line is being constantly monitored and supervised by computer operators at all stages and a fully equipped laboratory on site performs daily quality controls to guarantee a competitive high-quality low-sodium product for both domestic and international markets, certified with ISO 22000.
Showing total environmental respect and ecological sensitivity, fully recyclable PET plastic that contains 30% less plastic than the conventional bottles is used for bottling “DIOS” mineral water, making them the market’s most “environmentally friendly” bottles. By constantly funding local Waste Utility and Recycling Programs and by building a Wastewater Treatment Plant System unit, the environment is handled with the utmost corporate responsibility and the scenic beauty of the Mt. Olympus area is left unaffected. By constructing the country’s first plant with 90% of the sites accessible and suitable for work to persons with reduced mobility and fully equipped with ramps and adapted restrooms, the company actively keeps the human being at the center of its interest.

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