Through these harsh times for both the country and the public economy, S. MENTEKIDIS S.A. continues to actively and systematically support vulnerable social groups, in an attempt to cover much more than the “basic” human needs, whenever applicable, as a token of support and social solidarity.

Choosing to contribute to the delicate and continuously challenged Public Health sector, we organized the free provision, transport and delivery of healthcare linens (bed sheets, pads and pillowcases for the hospital’s patients) to the Hippokration General Hospital, in Thessaloniki, headed by the spouse of the founder Mr. Savvas Mentekidis, aiming to help meet one of the many growing everyday needs of the Institution in hospital supplies.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Hippokration Hospital staff for their valuable help in carrying out such a substantial mission for us, hoping that this spontaneous initiative will be followed by many others.

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